Cip Cleaning

Powder Process-Solutions can provide powder handling systems with Clean-In-Place (CIP) capability. When dry cleaning is not practical, CIP cleaning is an effective method with minimal downtime.

A successful Clean-In-Place system will offer:

  • Components selected that are suitable for CIP cleaning
  • Powder lines and CIP piping sized and routed for effective cleaning and draining
  • Nozzles and spray balls sized and located to reach all areas of equipment
  • Working closely with your CIP kitchen supplier


Hot Air Drying

Powder Process-Solutions can integrate hot air drying systems to minimize time spent waiting for powder lines to be completely dry.

Options Include:

  • Electric or steam heating
  • Portable and electric designs
  • Regenerative blower selected for the pipe routing
  • Intake and discharge air filtration
  • Automated controls
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Hot Air Drying