Vacuum Dilute Phase ConveyorPowder Process-Solutions designs dilute phase conveying systems for applications where product abrasiveness, degradation and segregation are not a concern. High volume, low pressure air is used to convey at high velocities to keep the product in suspension to the destination.

The product is conveyed on a continuous basis, where product is constantly supplied at the starting point while arriving at the destination without interruption, allowing the pneumatic conveying system to adapt easily for dosing or continuous weighing applications.

Vacuum Dilute Phase Conveying System Components:
Vacuum Dilute Phase Conveying in Powder Processing Plant

  • Inlet air dehumidifier and/or filter (optional)
  • Rotary valve(s) to meter product into the convey line
  • Divert valve(s) to multiple destinations
  • Filter receiver(s) with dust filtration to separate conveying air from powder
    • Discharge valve
  • Rotary lobe positive displacement blower
  • PLC based control system with easy operator interface (HMI)

Features and Benefits:

  • Lower capital cost and installation cost
  • Flexible convey line routing
  • Easy to understand and operate
  • Adaptable to a wide range of distances and convey rates

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