Powder Process-Solutions designs dense phase pneumatic conveying systems for powder, granules and agglomerates. Low volume, high pressure air is used to convey at low velocities, ensuring low product degradation at the destination. Depending on the application parameters, either pressure or vacuum dense phase systems are used. This gives us the ability to design dense phase conveying systems with multiple sources and destinations.System Components:

  • Infeed point where powder is discharged into the dense phase conveying system
  • ASME Pressure vessel where powder is collected prior to conveying
    • Gas pressure measuring points
    • Gas flow control valve and injection points
  • Gas booster points along the convey line to maintain control of powder velocity
  • Receiving vessel with dust filtration to separate conveying air from powder
  • PLC based control system with easy operator interface (HMI)

Features and Benefits:

  • Low powder damage
  • Control system utilizes sensors to control dense phase conveying rate
  • Air-to-product ratio is maintained for reliable conveying, no plugging
  • Low cost to convey from multiple sources


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