Bulk bag fillers are an economical way to package a variety of powders. Our bulk bag fillers combine precision weighing capabilities with flexible designs to deliver a cost-effective, accurate, and sanitary solution for yor filling needs.At PPS, we optimize your bulk bag filling process by customizing the design to fit your application.

Features and Benefits:

  • Filler spout with integral dust extraction
  • Inflatable bag seal ring, seals bag against spout
  • Independently adjustable for bag spout length, strap length and bag height
  • Automatic bag strap release
  • 3-point load cell frame, weighs only the bag, not the structure
  • Quick acting butterfly powder shut-off, double as reject valve
  • Bag inflation fan and valve
  • Dust extraction valve
  • Vibratory densification deck to stabilize powder
  • Shuttle-plate to move filled bag away from spout
  • Overhead trolley to carry filled bag into warehouse to pallet handling
  • PLC, HMI and starters in NEMA 4X stainless enclosure
  • Operator platforms
  • Metal detection and separation
  • Powder sampling
Bulk Bag FillingBulk bag Filling for Powder Processing Industry