Differential Motion Conveyor

At Powder Process-Solutions, we make a point of staying informed about bulk conveying system advancements, so we can integrate the best technology for the application.

The differential (also known as horizontal) motion conveying system is recognized for its unique conveying motion. Conventional vibrating conveyors use a vertical throwing motion to propel material with repeated impacts against the conveyor. The differential motion conveyor uses a gentle horizontal, slow-advance, quick-return motion practically eliminating conveyor-imposed product damage.

Features and Benefits:

  • Gentle, non-impact conveying motion, excellent for fragile products
  • Mass flow conveying with minimal stratification
  • Elimination of compacting and build-up on conveyor
  • Sanitary construction for ease of cleaning
  • Long-term reliable performance


Options Include:

  • Lengths from 4 feet to more than 200 feet
  • Configurations to align, singulate, divide, dry, or cool product
  • Overhead suspension or floor mounting
  • Multiple channels, pneumatic discharge gates, and removable covers


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