Powder Process-Solutions

At Powder Process-Solutions, we engineer powder processing solutions to meet the unique challenges encountered within the dry food processing, nutritional processing and dairy processing industries. The diversity within our product lines enables us to meet your needs by selecting the best solution from a wide range of system options. All products undergo rigorous quality control checks and are manufactured to the highest standards.

Our system solutions come from 40 years of experience and expertise within the industry of dry powder and material handling. Our various system solutions include:

Pneumatic Conveying: pressure dense/dilute phase and vacuum dilute/dense phase

Mechanical conveying: screw conveyors, vibrating conveyors, and differential motion conveyors

Process Designs: truck and railcar unloading, gassing, sifting and screening, size reduction and milling, mixing and blending, weigh batching, feeding, storage, bag dumping, bulk bag unloading and CIP systems

Packing and Filling: 25kg bag filling, bulk bag filling, barrel and box filling, can filling, and pallet handling

Dust Collection

Central Vacuum Cleaning

Process Control Systems

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25kg bag & bulk bag filling