What does this mean?

A piece of equipment is only that; a piece of equipment.

The brain power behind the design, what comes before it and what comes after it is equally as important in the success of your powder processing facility. That’s why Powder Process-Solutions chooses to think differently.

Powder Process-Solutions Think Differently

What we consider thinking differently is taking a holistic approach to assessing, designing and implementing your powder processing equipment. By analyzing the optimal solution every step of the way, we come out with a processing design that not only functions as promised, but also delivers your best product possible.

At Powder Process-Solutions, we pride ourselves on not only our high quality, sanitary equipment but also on our people. You’re probably asking, “Why PPS?” There are so many providers of powder processing equipment out there, why should I switch?

Though our approach to quality and service regarding powder processing equipment might not surprise anyone, our execution far surpasses what’s available in the market.

Keep reading to hear what we do differently.


Attention to Quality

There are a few things to consider when qualifying quality, and we consider all of them.

  • Material of construction (304, 316, 316L stainless steel)
  • Welding quality (smooth, crevice free welds)
  • Ease of use
  • Accessibility for easy clean and CIP

By requiring the highest quality product with the most flexibility for easy cleaning and access, you receive the highest quality components and systems on the market.


Engineering Professionals

Our staff is focused on accuracy, service and attentiveness to detail from the beginning of a project until completion to deliver superior results. Whether the project is a component, a turn-key system, or site services, we strive for complete customer satisfaction.

We demand that our staff think differently throughout the design process. By challenging our staff to think outside the box, think differently, and consider your specific needs and requirements, we come up with the best processing solution possible.

Our system solutions come from 40 years of experience and expertise within the industry of dry powder and material handling.


Unsurpassed Service

Due to our high level of customization, we also require a high level of service to our customers.   We are here 24/7 to supply you with the best quality product and the best service available.


What Can You Do?

Finally, we challenge our customers to think differently along with us. If you do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got. There’s no better time than now to change that.

Consider Powder Process-Solutions your powder processing partner. You bring us everything you know and we’ll make recommendations and plans to suit your specifications.

Since 1971, we’ve been providing bulk powder handling components and turnkey systems from concept to completion, specializing in:

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Industries Served 

We engineer customized bulk powder processing solutions to meet the unique challenges encountered within these industries:

  • Food
  • Dairy
  • Nutritional

Are you ready to speak with us? Please contact us to discuss your next project.