Bulk Powder Processing Simplicity from PSI-PleatFor bulk powder processors, every hour spent cleaning and maintaining equipment is an hour taken away from powder production – and hours added to labor costs.

Fabric filters and cages contain multiple components; installation and replacement can quickly grow into a time and labor intensive process. And because most fabric filters are sewn construction of fabric media, cleaning or replacement must happen frequently in order to maintain acceptable levels of air quality.

The PSI-Pleat pleated filter can be installed in a matter of minutes through a simple replacement process. Its unique material design, consisting of 100% polyester spunbound media, means cleaning is just as efficient. Simply use a dry brush, hot water and mild detergent (for cartridges without ePTFE membrane) or a hand-held compressed air wand and garden-hose level water pressure (for models with the membrane) to remove even the most stubborn powder particles.

With the PSI-Pleat pleated filter, the hours spent on bulk powder processing equipment cleaning and maintenance will quickly transform into improved levels of production and efficiency.

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