PSI-Pleat Enhances Powder Plant Air QualityAir quality safety concerns have contributed to poor working environments for operators working in bulk powder processing plants. Poorly designed dust collection systems and inefficient fabric filters are often the cause.

A combination of cheaply manufactured fabric filters, and lack of adequate surface area can contribute to thick dust cake accumulation on fabric filters used by many bulk powder processing plants. Not only does this contribute to operating and labor expense, as filters must be replaced more frequently, but it prevents the filter from effectively operating.  Ensuring that the air you and your employees breathe is free from harmful dust particles is essential.

Constructed from 100% polyester spunbound media with optional surface treatments, the PSI-Pleat pleated filter provides your plant with a new standard in filtration media. Its wide pleat spacing means more filtration surface area, and less dust cake accumulation.

With its unique materials and design, the PSI-Pleat pleated filter offers your processing plant greater than 99.99% filtration air efficiency.

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