PSI-PleatIn taking responsibility for air filtration, bulk powder processing plant operators are taking responsibility for the safety of all plant employees.

Coupling highly efficient filtration media, with a unique design, the PSI Pleat will bring immediate improvement to your processes designed to:

Improve Air Quality

Built with 100% polyester spunbound media, the PSI Pleat offers greater than 99.99% filtration air efficiency. Combined with this filtration media is an inner support core and molded top collar that fits most standard tubesheet designs, and forever replaces old fashioned fabric filters and cages.

Ensure Simple Installation & Cleaning

Its simple design ensures that most bulk powder processing operators can install or replace a PSI-Pleat pleated filter in a matter of minutes – substantially less time than is needed with traditional filters and cages.

Support Efficient Operations

From improvements in air quality, to ease of installation and cleaning, the PSI-Pleat fosters greater efficiency in every part of your operation. And because the PSI-Pleat unique pleated design has more surface area, it is able to collect more dust. This means cleaner air and more time between filter cleanings.

Learn more about the PSI-Pleat pleated baghouse filter by contacting Powder-Solutions Inc.