Spherical Pipeline Magnet

A spherical pipeline magnetThe MAGNATTACK™ range of Spherical Pipeline Magnets have been carefully configured and designed using only the highest grades of material for use in sensitive food applications.

Spherical Pipeline Magnets consist of an incredibly high strength magnetic element with flux strengths ranging from 10,000 gauss to over 12,000 gauss in some models. Magnets offers efficient extraction of tramp iron – large, small, fine & rust as well as work hardened stainless steel fragments using RE80™ technology.

In addition, the magnetic element is configured to offer excellent retainability of metal fragments so that they are not pushed back into the product stream by the force of product traveling at a high velocity through the pipeline or transfer line.

This Spherical Pipeline Magnet is aerodynamically designed to also allow for use in gravity out feed situations and on food products containing particulates up to 15mm with low resistance to flow. Magnets can be installed for collection without blockage, while providing a low cost of installation to existing lines.

Components of a spherical pipeline magnetMAGNATTACK™ Spherical Pipeline Magnets are now being used in very sensitive dairy applications in the USA, Australia and New Zealand with critical dairy surface finishes and standards adhered to.


  • Quick magnet removal and reseal
  • Cleaning station included
  • Safety cable and lock provision
  • Efficient out of the way retention area on the outgoing hemisphere
  • Dust tight design, even under higher pressures


A spherical pipeline magnet in a bulk powder processing facility

  • Amazingly efficient extraction of tramp iron – large, small, fine & rust, work hardened stainless steel particles
  • Aerodynamically designed
  • Similar clearance around sphere as cross section area of feed pipe = Low pressure drop


  • Performs successfully on dry products in pneumatic conveying pipelines
  • Food products containing particulates up to 15mm
  • Gravity installations have also been effective
  • Replaces typical bullet magnets with a higher strength, more compact, and lower pressure drop design

How it Benefits You:

Product touches more surface area of the pipeline magnet itself than a standard bullet or inline magnet. Aerodynamic design results in low pressure drop, eliminating blockages. High energy RE80™ and RE80™ HT magnetics designed to offer a high level of metal fragment control to increase food safety and reduce risk of metal contamination. The spherical pipeline magnet is also much easier to clean than conventional bullet or inline magnets.

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