Round Pipeline Separator

The round pipeline separator is an inline pneumatic convey line magnet designed for horizontal, vertical, or sloping installations. It efficiently captures ferrous material from dilute phase pressure and vacuum product streams.

Housing of the round pipeline separator bulges around the magnet rod to create a consistent cross section area to maintain product velocity. Available teardrop shaped magnet rod prevents product degradation. Aerodynamic design provides improved separation efficiency with high-strength, 10,000-11,000 gauss magnets.

Tri-clamp magnet flange with handle makes the magnets easy to remove and clean at any location in your powder processing plant.

Round Pipeline Separator

Round Pipeline Separator


  • Ledge-free housing interior
  • Housing bulges around magnet rods for consistent cross section areas
  • Pipelines 1”-6” available
  • Designed for CIP cleaning in vertical installations
  • USDA Dairy Accepted models, suitable for hygienic sensitive applications such as dairy and baby food powders


  • RE80™ or RE80™ HT Ultra High Energy Magnet Element options, greater than 10,000 Gauss
  • Withstands cleaning temperatures to 302°F – Safe to hot water blast (HT models)
  • Magnet rods seal welded and vacuum resin encapsulated for extended magnet strength and life
  • Magnetic design maximizes extraction of weak magnetics such as rust, work hardened SS and magnetic stone as well as ferrous tramp

How It Benefits You:

The round pipeline separator highlights superior efficiency and separation performance in a sanitary, easy to clean design. Compared to bullet magnets with heavy and awkward to handle magnets, the round pipeline separator’s magnet rod is light and features a handle to make removal easy and clean. With no need to touch any product contact surfaces installation of the magnet is sanitary, simple, and fast! Unlike other magnets with door gaskets that can leak and require maintenance the Round Pipeline Separator seals with standard ferrule gaskets and clamps.

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