RAPIDCLEAN™ Grate Magnets

The RAPIDCLEAN™ grate magnet serves as a quick-clean grate magnet, featuring a dust-tight housing that can be easily cleaned outside the product stream. The RAPIDCLEAN™ grate magnets can be installed at the inlet or outlet of rotary valves, at the discharge of screw conveyors, elevators, flowveyor and blenders, or upstream of all packing operations and bulk filling.

The swing up design of the grate magnet allows for easy and quick cleaning, which also allows maintenance to safely clean in the process area, compared to other magnetic separator designs that require transporting the magnet grate for cleaning leaving maintenance open for injury and the magnets exposed to damage.


The housing features many notable design elements that set it apart from the competition:

  • Rapidclean Grate MagnetLedge free housing interior
  • Swing up magnet feature is robust, compact, safe and self-supporting
  • Engineered spanner free, quick release magnetic door closure – provides even door seal pressure – seal presses into groove
  • Variable bar centers to suit product flow
  • Optional vibrator
  • External drawer support slides
  • USDA Dairy Accepted models, suitable for hygienic sensitive applications such as dairy and baby food powders and hygroscopic products


  • A grate magnet in a powder processing plantRE80™ or RE80™ HT Ultra High Energy Magnet Element options, greater than 10,000 Gauss
  • Withstands cleaning temperatures to 302°F – Safe to hot water blast (HT models)
  • Magnet rods seal welded and vacuum resin encapsulated for extended magnet strength and life
  • Magnetic design maximizes extraction of weak magnetics such as rust, work hardened SS and magnetic stone as well as ferrous tramp
  • Collected metal falls into suitable container or onto magnet cleaning magnet

Grate magnets manufactured by MAGNATTACK™ are supplied complete with documented gauss strength at the time of supply. MAGNATTACK™ is internationally HACCP endorsed for their high grade equipment, respective documentation and document procedures relating to metal fragment control.

Fact Sheets
Rapid Clean Global Brochure

USDA Dairy Acceptance Certificate

How it Benefits You: “Hands free” cleaning can eliminate hand contact to ensure hygiene is maintained and injuries from dangerous metal sharps are prevented. External support slides never contact your product and enable fast, easy and efficient removal of the magnet drawer for cleaning. High energy RE80™ and RE80™ HT magnetics designed to offer a high level of metal fragment control to increase food safety and reduce risk of metal contamination.

To learn more about the RAPIDCLEAN™ grate magnets at Powder Solutions, read the fact sheet to the right. Products are manufactured from http://www.magnattackglobal.com.au/

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NOW AVAILABLE! USDA Dairy Accepted Models.