Magnetic Mats Prevent Metal Fragment Food Contamination

MAGNATTACK™ provides powerful Magnetic Mats designed to reduce metal fragment transfer and increase food safety by controlling ferrous metal fragments being walked into sensitive food, beverage and meat production areas. The magnetic mat design is often used at the entry into production areas from workshops, outdoor areas and construction zones on site.

The MAGNATTACK™ magnetic mat comes with certified strength and HACCP International food safety endorsements. The anti-soiling mat system is easily installed, easily maintained and easily cleaned. The metal trapped on the mat can be easily collected and analyzed by QA departments. The overall sizes measures in at 35” x 27”. Available to the food, beverage, meat and pharmaceutical industry, as well as any industry looking for additional metal transfer control opportunities.

Benefits of a Magnetic Mat

The magnetic mat minimizes metal contaminants being “walked” into production and office areas. Fantastic addition to your continuous improvement program! This food safety initiative will leave a positive impression on your customers, suppliers and auditors showing how much you care about food safety and systems improvement!

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Magnetic Mat
Magnetic Mat – Magnetic Separator

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