Magnet Filter Combo

The MAGNATTACK™ Magnet Filter Combo line has been carefully configured and designed using only the highest grades of materials for use in sensitive food applications around the world.The Magnet Filter Combo attracts and retains fine microscopic metal contamination that could escape filters.Inline models available for 1” – 4” pipelines. Magnet Filter Combo intercepts the flow of product with powerful 10,000 gauss elements, providing efficiency separation without leaks, blockage or distortion for both viscous and non-viscous liquid food products.


  • Magnet elements easily removed for cleaning
  • Maximized contact of product with magnets
  • Minimized resistance to flow
  • Jacketing where specified
  • Accommodates any size filter requirements

How it Benefits You: The Magnet Filter Combo provides efficient microscopic metal separation without leaks or blockages. Protects close tolerance expensive equipment, as well as finished consumer products. High energy RE80™ and RE80™ HT magnetics designed to offer a high level of metal fragment control to increase food safety and reduce risk of metal contamination.

Learn how the Magnetic Mat can also help enhance the safety of your plant.

A magnet filter
A magnet filter with the basket and top removed

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Magnet Filter Combo