a tapered flexible connector

Tapered Connectors

See-through, flexible connector transitions can accommodate different tubing diameters.

Outer Reinforcing Sleeves

WM12K outer reinforcing sleeves provide even greater resistance to explosion pressures.


A cap for a flexible connectorSeal off unused openings to prevent contamination.

Longer caps can be used as sifter “Overs” containers.

Reinforcing Rings

A reinforcing ring for a flexible connectorMolded in integral stainless steel reinforcing ring(s) for high vacuum applications.

Tool Release Sleeve

The BFM® Tool Release is designed for applications where the BFM® sleeve is mounted close to equipment that is rotating or spinning quickly. In order to ensure safety the Tool Release Sleeve leverages a tighter fit and the flexible connector can only be release using a special Tool Release tool.

Tool Release Installation & Removal Instructions
A BFM tool release being used to disconnect a flexible connectorA tool release flexible connectorA release tool for a flexible connector
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