BFM Fitting: Sizes Standard sizes of the BFM® flexible connector are available in both Seeflex 040 and LM4 fabric in the following dimensions:

  • 4″ (100mm) diameter, standard length, 6″ (150mm)
  • 6″ (150mm) diameter, standard length, 6″ (150mm)
  • 8″ (200mm) – 65″ (1650mm) diam. in 2″ increments, standard length, 8″ (200mm)

Special order sizes of flexible connectors:
4″ – 65″ diameter in 2″ increments, available in the lengths from 4″ – 30″

What BFM® Flexible Connector Length Does My Powder Plant Need?

BFM Fitting: Standard Sizes CL = Connector Length

Keep in mind:

  • BFM® spigots have 2″ tails which can be trimmed to fit.
  • Existing piping can be trimmed or extended to utilize standard length connectors for greatest value and availability.
  • Our experts at Powder-Solutions Inc. can assist you in determining the most appropriate choice of material and sizing for your flexible sleeve needs.

Discover the BFM® fitting flexible sleeve connector by downloading Powder-Solutions Inc.’s full brochure.


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