BFM Fitting Ensuring Sanitary ConnectionSafe manufacturing, plant sanitation and product contamination are top concerns in the bulk powder processing industry. With standard hose clamps and flexible connectors, sanitation and safety problems are persistent aggravations that must be remedied daily. The BFM® fitting ensures sanitary connections between all your process equipment.

Flexible Sleeve Connector with Hose Clamps

Before the BFM® fitting:

With traditional hose clamps and flexible sleeves, powder buildups and chronic powder leakage are threats to your manufacturing plant and product lines, exposing your process to potentially dangerous contamination. Powder leakage can result from loose fitting clamps or out of round piping.

BFM Fitting for Plant Sanitation

After the BFM® fitting

The BFM® fitting is designed to provide a safe manufacturing process by ensuring a smooth crevice free connection. Powder does not become trapped in the connector, minimizing the chance for cross contamination. The snap band forms a positive seal, preventing powder from leaking to atmosphere. Sleeve snap band fits tight with no crevices.

After the BFM® FittingWith the BFM® fitting, powder leakage and powder buildups are no longer a problem. The smooth crevice free design ensures that product flows efficiently and smoothly through process piping. The BFM® fitting ensures an efficient, clean and safe manufacturing plant. Positive seal keeps powder from leaking and keeps your plant clean.

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