With standard industrial hose clamps and flexible connectors, overpressure incidents in your powder processing lines can lead to potentially dangerous situations.
The BFM® fitting seals even tighter than traditional hose clamps in the event of an explosion or high pressure incident. This unique feature can reduce your worries over explosion venting and employee and plant safety.

The BFM® fitting is resistant to over pressure incidents and seals even tighter from internal pressure (Click image for video clip)

Standard hose clamps and flexible connectors require the use of screwdrivers or wrenches and carry a high risk of damage to the connector, or worse, injury to the operator. Tools could fall into process equipment or onto other plant personnel, resulting in injury.
The BFM® flexible sleeve snaps easily into place with nothing more than your hands.

No tools required!

The BFM® fitting offers tool free installation.

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