Tubing clamps, hose clamps and flexible connectors are necessary for any industry processing bulk powder. Prone to leakage and powder build-ups with awkward and potentially hazardous installation, they can be the weak point in any powder process.

A replacement for standard flexible connectors, hose and tubing clamps, the BFM® fitting can be used in virtually any application in any bulk powder processing industry requiring flexible connectors.

Applicable for all types of in-line, offset, vibrating, oscillating, and gyratory process equipment, the BFM® fitting ensures that your process operation is safe, sanitary, and efficient.

Available in standard diameters from 4” to 65” and in a variety of lengths and sleeve materials, the fitting can be used for nearly any application.

Suited for both retro-fitting and new applications, BFM® spigots can be welded onto process piping, or attached via Quick-Connect, Tri-Clover, bolted flanges or compression couplings.

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USDA Dairy accepted BFM® fitting that also meets 3A Sanitary Standards 63-03 and 20-25 is applicable in industries ranging from food and dairy, to pharmaceutical and chemical; anywhere bulk powder requires processing!

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PSI-Pleat & BFM Fitting Brochure BFM Fitting: Tubes Using BFM Fitting