Revolutionary Technology Solves Bulk Powder Processing and Handling Problems

Powder-Solutions, Inc offers innovative solutions to overcome problems plaguing the bulk powder handling processor. We offer three main lines of powder processing solutions to upgrade your processing facility from good to great.

BFM® fitting

BFM fitting flexible sleeve connectorsThe BFM® fitting replaces outdated flexible sleeves held by hose clamps.

BFM® fittings provide a crevice-free interior, tool-free snap-in installation, and leak free operation. This revolutionary connector restores health to your bulk powder processing and to your bottom line, ensuring that your company reaches its objectives for improving sanitation, safety and efficiency.


PSI-Pleat pleated air filtersThe PSI-Pleat solves the problem of poor air quality, cumbersome design and time consuming replacement of traditional fabric filters. The PSI-Pleat can be changed in minutes, and the unique pleated design increases filter surface area.  PSI-Pleats improving air quality and increase time between filter changes for uninterrupted air filtration.


MAGNATTACK magnetic separators to remove magnetic contaminationThe MAGNATTACK™ Global line of magnetic separators will revolutionize the way you remove metal contamination from dry and liquid processing lines. All MAGNATTACK™ items focus on sanitary, easy-clean designs while incorporating high strength, 10,000+ gauss rare earth magnets for the highest efficiency in tramp metal collection.