Case Studies

How BFM® Fittings Solved 5 Issues for a Leading Powder Coating Company

While paint powders provide vibrant and beautiful additions to products in many sectors of the world, they’re messy—really messy.

But for Peridium Powder Coatings, a division of Vogel Industrial Coatings and an industry leader in paint and coatings processing, difficult and messy production and cleanups was a normal part of operations—until they found BFM® fittings.

Case Study: BFM® Fitting A Breath Of Fresh Air For Bulk Powder Processors

A sand cloud. That’s the best way it can be described.

Amedica, a medical technology company, uses medical grade silicon nitride ceramic powder to create revolutionary spinal implants. When processed, this fine‐as‐talc powder infiltrated processing equipment connections and created a consistently powdery atmosphere.

“Our bulk powder processing facilities transform nitride ceramic from powder into spinal implants improving the health of thousands,” states Jeff Goodell, Director of Facilities and Maintenance for Amedica. “Ironically, the sand cloud created during this processing threatened the health of my employees.”