About Powder-Solutions Group

PSG Corporate HeadquartersPowder-Solutions Group, established in 2010, is the parent company of Powder-Solutions, Inc. and Powder Process-Solutions. Our corporate office is located outside of Minneapolis in Chanhassen, Minnesota, USA.

Powder-Solutions Group is the single point of contact for all your bulk powder handling needs. PSG focuses on innovative technology solutions for safety and efficiency. Premium quality bulk powder handling systems and components are our expertise. By bringing together two companies under one Group, we are able to better serve our customers by supplying all of the bulk powder handling solutions from start to finish.

Our Companies

Powder-Solutions, Inc. offer solutions for persistent bulk powder handling problems. The Powder-Solutions, Inc. main product line includes the BFM® fitting flexible connector,   PSI-Pleat and MAGNATTACK Global‘s line of premium magnetic separators. These unique technologies offer efficient, easy-to-install solutions for processing plants with safety and sanitation problems. Because of our knowledge of powder processing system challenges, we are always searching for the next solution to common processing problems.

Powder Process-Solutions has been providing innovative components and systems for powder handling since 1971. Because of this vast experience, we are able to provide custom turnkey systems and specialty components. Specifically, we provide pneumatic conveying, mechanical conveying, dust collection, weighing, batching, blending and packaging systems. We utilize our experience and engineering creativity to offer customized and unique solutions to powder handling challenges by surpassing customer expectations and providing the correct solution to the most advanced difficulties. What sets PPS apart from the competition is the high level of customer service and responsiveness to providing a truly custom solution.

Dedicated to providing innovative technology and expertise, our served industries including the food, dairy, nutritional, and RTE. Collectively, Powder-Solutions Group offers superior products and services for all facets of bulk powder handling.

Please read about each of our companies to learn how we can provide you with the best service and products in the industry! Not sure which one you need? Call to speak with someone today at 877-933-2556 or email us at sales@powder-solutions.com and we can help you get started!

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