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5 Ways the BFM® Fitting Improves Plant Sanitation

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5 Ways the BFM® Fitting Improves Plant Sanitation

The BFM fitting® is cleaner and safer than a standard hose clamp fitting. Take a close look at five ways the BFM Fitting can improve the sanitation of your plant.

1. The BFM® Fitting Improves Explosion Protection

The BFM® fitting provides superior explosion protection under pressure situations in processing plants. The tight seal prevents harmful product from escaping and contaminating or ruining other equipment. An independent testing laboratory was retained to conduct a series of explosion simulations to compare standard flexible sleeve hose clamp connectors with the BFM® fitting.

In the test, hose clamps failed from the pressure rise, and the pressure exploded through the flexible sleeve breaking the hose clamp connection. The tight BFM® fitting resisted the pressure rise. In spite of intense pressure, the BFM® fitting maintained the seal without breaking.

2. Seamless BFM® Fitting Eliminates Cross-contamination

The BFM® fitting is the solution to the problem of cross-contamination risk. Designed with a crevice-free interior surface, the BFM® fitting does not trap powder. This makes the connector easy to clean and sanitize, and minimizes the chance for cross contamination.

Today, most bulk powder processing plants producing powdered food ingredients utilize standard flexible connectors and hose clamps in their processing lines. These old-style connectors are difficult and time- consuming to remove and sanitize, and present a very real risk of cross contamination when the line is switched to a new product.

3. BFM® Fitting Tool-free Installation for Sanitary Processing

While engineers, quality control, and maintenance personnel work diligently to maintain rigorous sanitation and safety standards, many have simply become accustomed to the inefficiency caused by the traditional flex sleeves and hose clamps used in powder process systems.

In less than 40 seconds, the BFM® fitting snaps into place quickly and precisely, greatly enhancing plant efficiency. No tools are required in the installation process, this eliminates any dirty tools or accidents getting near your sanitary processing line.

4. The BFM® Fitting Provides Leak Protection

Leaking results when internal pressure pushes a traditional hose clamp connector away from the spigot. This creates a  product build-up which has a contamination point, creating a hygiene risk. The BFM® fitting improves plant sanitation by creating a sanitary seal on the inside of the sleeve, eliminating crevices that are prone to trapping powder.

With the BFM® Fitting, the higher the pressure the tighter the seal, creating no leaks, no mess and improved air quality.

5. The BFM® Fitting Hygienic Design Exceeds Standards

The FDA sets regulations for fine powdered food processing facilities which drive sanitation design and construction. The FDA regulates requirements of food related operations for the manufacturing, packaging and holding practices in food production facilities. The BFM® fitting meets 3A Sanitary Standards 63-03 and 20-25, as well as being USDA Dairy Accepted, FDA and EU approved for food contact.

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