Meeting the Needs of Powder Processing Plants

Powder ProcessingProcess efficiency and safety issues create a challenging environment for every bulk powder processing plant. For many years, powder processing relied on experienced operators to handle problems and recognize batch to batch variability on line and be able to resolve any issue that might arise.

Inevitably, simply resolving the process issue without addressing the underlying cause will compromise process efficiency on a regular basis. While production targets still may be met, a plant’s return on investment goals may go unrealized as the cost of work stoppage can cut into profits.

Measuring the powder characteristics of powders that flow well and those that don’t gives us fresh insight into the optimum powder characteristic based on different formulations as well as different batches of materials.

One product that can add confidence to moving your new formulations is the BFM® fitting. Thanks to advancements in technology, this fitting system is applicable for all types of in-line, offset, vibrating, oscillating and gyratory process equipment.

New Paradigm in Flexible Connectors

The BFM® fitting system represents a new paradigm in flexible connectors. Instead of slipping over the outside of process piping or connections, the BFM sleeve snaps securely and perfectly into the inside of the matched spigots.

Where old style flexible connectors required the use of a hose clamp, risking powder buildups and leakage, the BFM® fitting simply snaps into place without the use of external clamps or the tools needed to secure them. There are no crevices to trap powder in the line and no cracks to leak powder to the atmosphere. There are no wear points to abrade and degrade that could release in the event of an internal explosion. By virtue of the integral internal snap band seals, the BFM® fitting actually seals even tighter in such cases.

Exposing your process to dangerous contamination is no longer a threat to your manufacturing plant and product lines, ensuring a safe secure work environment and maintaining the integrity of your powder processing.

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