The Easy Slide Rotor Support (ESRS) is an operator friendly option that is frequently fitted to demountable rotary valves to assure rotor to housing alignment during every service.

The non-drive end cover and rotor assembly is supported on a slide rail assembly during removal, which reduces the risk of operator injury and damage to expensive high tolerance components. Rotor slide and tilt locks are incorporated into the design for operator safety, as well.

Unique design features such as heavy duty oversize bearings and deflection compensate for positive housing alignment during reassembly without the need to adjust rotor axial clearances. Once removed from the housing, the rotor can be rotated for ease of cleaning or tilted vertically for improved housing and drive end cover access.

For easy disassembly and assembly in applications that require frequent accessibility, the Easy Slide Rotor Support is an ideal solution.

Easy Slide Rotor Support (ESRS)
Easy Slide Rotor Support Example