Vibrating tube conveyors are used to convey powders horizontally at a controlled rate in a totally enclosed environment. Conveying action is gentle and quiet at low velocity with no moving parts in contact with the powder, resulting in virtually no degradation.

Tube conveyors can be mounted on isolation spring support bases or suspended by overhead cables. This component is suitable for use on fragile, agglomerated, and instantized powders or sanitary applications that require frequent cleaning with low maintenance operation. The vibrating tube conveyor can be easily cleaned through removable end inspection covers or CIP with spray balls.

How does a Tube Conveyor Work?

Vibrating tube conveyors are perfect for conveying fragile agglomerated, instantized and standard powders or granules horizontally. Material is conveyed down the length of a closed tube in a series of small movements using low frequency (16- 25 Hz) and long strokes (0.16”- 0.32”) vibrations. Momentum in direction of flow is generated by two counter rotating motors through the tube’s center of gravity. Increase in slope can increase convey rate.

Advantages of Vibrating Tube Conveyors
Vibrating tube conveyors are a gentle conveying option with minimal product degradation. A low maintenance, dust free conveying option for sanitary powder processing conveyance.

Vibrating Tube Conveyor Features:

  • Sanitary design meets USDA Dairy Guidelines
  • Easily cleaned with no moving parts
  • Totally enclosed, dust-free operation
  • Isolation mounts minimize vibration transmission to support structure
  • Energy efficient, low horsepower requirements
  • Extremely quiet operation (between 60-75 DBA)
  • Heavy duty, maintenance-free design
  • Hot-air jacketed designs available for construction

Vibrating Pan Conveyor

Vibrating pan conveyors are similar to vibrating tube conveyors, only they feature a pan cross section and hinged top covers for improved access to product contact surfaces. Inside corners are designed radius for ease of cleaning.

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