The mechanical metering of powder is sometimes done with screw feeders. Powder Process-Solutions can provide a properly designed solution. We offer a wide variety of customized designs to fit your exact application. A typical screw feeder utilizes a shafted or shaft-less helix rotating inside a tube or trough, imparting force against product as it rotates. Product is transferred and discharged in a controlled manner as the helix starts/stops or varies in speed.

Screw feeders are used for applications where the controlled rate of product discharge is important to the process. PPS is proud to introduce our VSF (Volumetric Screw Feeder) and VSFO (Volumetric Screw Feeder with Overflight) designs to supply to the dairy processing industry and the nutritional/food processing industries. Our VSF and VSFO screw feeder models meet the requirements of 3-A sanitary standard 81-00. Auger diameters are available ranging from 4″-10″ with lengths to fit almost any application. The fully demountable design allows for easy cleaning and quick disassembly and assembly.

Advantages of Screw Feeders

Screw feeders offer accurate metering of many powder materials requiring a sanitary, reliable conveyance of powders. Screw feeders are easily demounted for efficient cleaning of screw feeder internal surfaces and screw itself.


  • Discharge of smaller hoppers and day bins
  • Bulk bag or hand dump stations
  • Minor powder addition and batching

Customizable Options:

  • Carbon or stainless steel, with many surface and weld finishes
  • Helix flighting to match your product and process requirements
  • Tri-flighting for uniform product density and accurate metering
  • Integral scale systems for gravimetric feeding
  • Drive configurations, AC/DC, Direct/Chain/Belt
  • Demountable designs, including USDA/Dairy accepted

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A screw feederA screw feeder broken down into its components

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