The mechanical transfer of powder is sometimes done with screw conveyors. Powder Process-Solutions can provide a properly designed solution. Our designs are available in a variety of sizes and styles customized to fit your process needs.

A typical screw conveyor utilizes a shafted or shaftless helix rotating inside a tube or trough, imparting force against product as it rotates. Product is transferred and discharged in a controlled manner as the helix starts/stops or varies in speed.

Advantages of Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors are one of the more cost-effective means of mechanically conveying bulk powder materials. There are many materials, configurations, and design elements that can gently move your products from point A to point B.

Feature and Benefits:

  • Discharge of large bulk silos
  • Long distance horizontal transfer
  • Short distance incline transfer

Options Include:

  • Standard pitch, variable pitch and conical pitch helix
  • Tube, U-trough, and flared U-trough body designs
  • Direct drive, belt drive, and chain drive options
  • Available in many surface and weld finishes
  • Flush drop-bottom cleanout doors for ease of sanitation and inspection
  • Demountable designs, including USDA/Dairy accepted

Powder Process-Solutions has other mechanical conveying solutions. Learn more.

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screw conveyor from PPS
powder screw conveyor from PPS
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