BFM Fitting Ensuring sanitation, safety and efficiency has long caused headaches for those working in bulk powder processing plants. While engineers, quality control, and maintenance personnel work diligently to maintain rigorous sanitation and safety standards, many have simply become accustomed to the inefficiency caused by the traditional flex sleeves and hose clamps used in powder process systems. Our BFM® fitting ensures the safest, cleanest, and most efficient operation for all your process equipment.

With BFM® fittings, enhanced operation is a SNAP!

Featuring a sanitary sleeve design, a unique ability to seal even tighter under high pressure conditions, and a tool-free quick-snap installation, the BFM® fitting brings immediate improvements for bulk powder processors in:



BFM Fitting: Sanitary Sleeve Seal on Inside The BFM® fitting improves plant sanitation by creating a sanitary seal on the inside of the sleeve, eliminating crevices that are prone to trapping powder. The materials can be easily cleaned and sanitized when necessary, or replaced as needed.





BFM Fitting ResistantResistant to over pressure incidents, the BFM® fitting improves plant safety by sealing even tighter from internal pressure.

Since the BFM® fitting snaps into place without the use of tools, installation is safer for the operators’ hands!




BFM Fitting Tool FreeIn less than 40 seconds, the BFM® fitting snaps into place quickly and precisely, greatly enhancing plant efficiency. No tools are required in the installation process.






Learn how BFM® fittings will enhance your bulk powder processing plant’s sanitation, safety, and efficiency with a complimentary brochure from Powder-Solutions, Inc.